Kris Wilkinson Hughes is an American singer/songwriter/artist living in the UK. She brings to the table decades of singing and writing experience. She is a great rhythm guitar player and loves working with, singing for and composing for children. With 7+ years of work for the Theodora Children's Trust as a specialist Giggle Doctor, she also offers a great variety of workshops - music, contemporary clowning, creative confidence, etc. In addition to the arts, Kris is also a skilled and intuitive life 'uncoach', offering a fresh perspective in looking at life and aligning with what you want out of it. This approach, coupled with her performance background, makes her and ideal performance/vocal coach, helping artists/bands/singers get their act together and remembering it's all about the fun and excitement. Kris has also been working with a specialist school working with foster children with emotional/social disorders as a music teacher/artist in residence. She lives in Bedford with her husband and daughter and loves to write, sing, travel and get excited about new ideas and living life in an exciting way.
fb/wonderfuelproductions @wonderfuelpro